Kitty Cat Kanyon

Down the Coloraddy in Canyon Country.

Autumn In Sheep Country

 Woolly things, on the Plateau and down below.

Glen Canyon National Sewage Lagoon

 And these people are swimming in it!

Another Place and Time

Violence and vitality high in Colorado.

North Country

900 miles where the winds hit heavy on the borderline.


Still life work for Morgan. This piece (and others) showed at the Central Utah Art Center. Check that place out.

Williams, Again

Jaime and Pete, at it again.

In the Barnyard

It's a tough job...


Around the Sanpete Valley.

Judge Johnson's Place

And another on the way.

Chubbmobile, Part II

The Boy and the folks.

California Granite

Different from the Vermont variety.

Free Burma

Protest in Bangkok.